Fast-paced yoga with a deep focus on alignment

Power Yoga by HI LIFE ATHLETICS is for everybody and every body. Power Yoga by HI LIFE ATHLETICS is for you. Those reasons you think you can’t do yoga? Those are the reasons you should do yoga. Let go of what you think you know about yoga, and get ready to sweat, laugh, and leave feeling amazing.

Our Power Yoga is a Vinyasa-based practice that uniquely combines a fluid, fast-paced style with a deep focus on alignment, allowing you to discover the depth of each pose without becoming bored with the practice. Classes are designed to suit all levels, so you have a variety of options.

No Sanskrit, no chanting, no yoga-tude! Power Yoga doesn’t have to be so serious.

Weekly Schedule


Tuesday   Power Yoga 5:30 pm Ala Moana Park
Friday   Power Yoga 8:00 am The Modern
Sunday   Power Yoga 10:00 am Kapiolani Park

Los Angeles

Tuesday   Power Yoga 5:00 pm Mother's Beach
Thursday   Power Yoga 5:00 am Mother's Beach



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