Maybe you’re tired of the usual program you receive from a regular fitness club - a general fitness program that is neither goal-oriented nor specific. With our Total Body Concept, we integrate specific and individualized programs for every client, because every client is an individual with different goals, training levels, and, most importantly, different bodies. We view each client as a unique individual and create a specific program with custom fitness levels and goals.

Julie BenzI've trained with a lot of trainers in my career and Marc is by far one of the best. He has an immense knowledge of fitness and he's a stickler for form. Even though his workouts are tough he makes them fun and you can't beat working out outside overlooking the ocean!! He's helped me maintain my fitness level when I'm in Hawaii and I've incorporated a lot of his work into my daily routine when I'm back in LA. Marc cares about his clients on a personal level and he always goes the extra mile.

-Julie Benz, Los Angeles, Actress Hawaii Five-O, Dexter, and more

Four Training Programs – Choose Yours

Fat Burn

Tone up or slim down with weight management training! A slender, tight body is neither magic nor the sole result of genetics. Your target should be sustainable and healthy fat burning, which will ultimately lead to satisfactory weight loss and health. It's not just about losing weight, it's about keeping it off – and doing it in the healthiest way possible. This requires an analysis and plan specific to you and your diet goals, eating habits, and training level. We’ll determine your exact requirements, ensure you consistently meet your goals, and help you to achieve lasting satisfaction with ideal weight and wellness.

Athletes Only – Sport-Specific Training

Want to get in perfect shape for your sport? Have you hit a plateau? Whether you are looking to prepare for the Honolulu Marathon, your next outrigger race, the Molokai SUP, or just train like an athlete, this is the program for you! We offer specific training techniques for every sport to optimize and improve your performance.

The New You

Take yourself to the next level! Have you ever wanted a six-pack? Or had the desire to see how good your body can really look? Whether your goal is get that six-pack, reach a new level of endurance, or just look and feel good naked, this is the program for you! Sara or Marc will help you effectively work on your body, with a targeted focus on the areas that require a little more customized attention. It doesn't matter what physical level you are at, or whether you’re highly experienced or a novice – if you want to see a change and discover the NEW YOU, this is the program for you!

Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention

Your health is your greatest asset. This becomes all too clear when we incur an injury. Whether it’s the need to adjust for our age or new limitations, or, in some cases, recovering from an accident, it is inevitable: Sooner or later, our bodies strike. Sara or Marc provide a personalized workout specific to you and your injury. This not only ensures that your injury doesn't prevent you from continuing your workouts, it incorporates rehabilitation that facilitates the healing process. This program is also excellent for those who know they are "getting older" or who constantly push themselves to the limit. Whether you are currently dealing with an injury or looking to prevent one. this is the program for you. Let our team build you a custom program.


Individual training with Marc. Each session is one hour.

One-on-One Personal Training

45-minute Session – $60
60-minute Sessions – $80
Three Introductory Sessions – $150

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Small Group Personal Training

Single session, prices per person
2 people – $40
3 people – $35
4 people – $30
5+ people – $25

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