Weekly Group Class Schedule


Monday   Spartan Boot Camp 5:30 pm Ala Moana Park
Tuesday   Power Yoga 5:30 pm Ala Moana Park
Wednesday   Spartan Boot Camp 5:30 pm Kapiolani Park
Thursday   Yogardio 5:30 pm Ala Moana Park
Friday   Power Yoga
  Beginner/Yin Yoga
8:00 am
5:30 pm
The Modern
Kapiolani Park
Saturday   Spartan Boot Camp 10:00 am Kapiolani Park
Sunday   Power Yoga 10:00 am Kapiolani Park

Los Angeles

Monday   Spartan Boot Camp 5:00 pm
Wednesday   Spartan Boot Camp 5:00 pm
Saturday   Spartan Boot Camp 10:00 am

All Los Angeles sessions are at Mother's Beach at the Marine Park

Group Fitness Ala Moana, Honolulu

General Information

What is the difference between group fitness classes and the RIPPED24 Challenge?

While our regular group classes don’t have limited number of participants, the RIPPED24 is for maximum of 24 athletes. The program focuses on everyone's results through personal attention and accountability. It is like personal training, but in a smaller group setting and for a fraction of our normal personal training hourly rate.

Each of the 24 sessions is carefully designed and based on years of Sara and Marc’s personal training with hundreds of clients and the results they really wanted and achieved.

RIPPED24 also includes a meal plan with grocery list and yummy recipes according to your body type which is one of the most important keys to reach your fitness goals and change your body.

RIPPED24 lasts 6 weeks, 4 sessions a week, which we found out as the right amount of training and rest periods to experience true rewarding body transformation and to build new fitness and diet awareness habits.

How do I sign up for the group classes?

You can register anything from a single drop-in to a yearly membership on-line. Packages and prices can be found here. Your membership or sessions start at the time of your first class.
For your first class, please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start time so we can complete your registration.

What do I need to bring to the classes?

We recommend proper fitness attire and shoes, a bottle of water, and a yoga mat or towel.
Shoes are not required for Kova Yoga and Kova Yogalates.

Who are the typical members? Will I fit in?

HI LIFE ATHLETICS members come from every walk of life and every fitness level. Don’t be surprised to see a college student exercising next to a retired person or well-trained athlete next to a person recovering from an injury.