Opened in January 2017: New Loacation - Los Angeles



Dear HI LIFE Friends

In a LAnd filled with fitness and yoga classes why on earth would HI LIFE ATHLETICS start a new location here? Well, if you live in Los Angeles chances are you've experienced a fair share of fitness and yoga, BUT have you experienced the HI LIFE? Hawaii is all about Ohana (Hawaiian for family) your community, your friends, who become close like your family.

HI LIFE ATHLETICS was founded in Honolulu, Hawaii, with the belief that fitness should be fun and you don't need to be inside of a building to get a good workout. Outside the walls of a traditional gym you will find HI LIFE ATHLETICS gives you a sense of community and belonging to something greater than just a good workout or stretch.

GET FIT. HAVE FUN. Experience the HI LIFE and see why so many people got hooked in Honolulu where everything started.

Your Marc Zimmermann


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LA outdoor fitness


LA outdoor fitness