• “Workouts are fresh and engaging…”
  • “Marc always switch things up so no two classes are ever the same…”
  • “They brought back my love of exercise…”
  • “Amazing outdoor atmosphere…”
  • “In terms of cost, they cannot be beat…”
  • “Our sessions added both pleasure and a sense of accomplishment to our stay in Honolulu…”

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  • “Classes are made for all fitness levels”
  • “It's so fun doing yoga and core exercises at Ala Moana park at sunset…”
  • “Marc is a role models to excellent fitness and a healthy lifestyle...”
  • “I don't like gyms anymore. They're smelly, always crowded, and boring…”
  • “I look forward to working out now, even on weekends!”

Julie BenzSee also a testimonial by Hawaii Five-0 actress Julie Benz on the Personal Training page.

Anik and JD C., Honolulu

"The most inspiring outdoor venue imaginable..."

HI LIFE ATHLETICS is an amazing opportunity for fitness set in the most inspiring outdoor venue imaginable. Marc offers bootcamp classes incorporating strength training using your own body weight with cardio and the yoga and hybrid courses are rejuvenating and empowering in the transfer of knowledge provided on proper body alignment.

We serendipitously met Marc when we first moved here and HL LIFE has become an integral part of our commitment to health and fitness. We wholeheartedly recommend these classes and the Aloha delivered with them!


Jenna S., Honolulu

"Finally, the results I've been waiting for..."

I've always had a hard time deciding whether I should go to the beach or work out after a long day of school and work. I found it hard to balance my health and keep my piece of mind at the end of each day—especially since my gym routines started to bore me as I hit a plateau in my fitness. However, thanks to HI LIFE ATHLETICS I have found the perfect combination of both. Now, after a long day I look forward to enjoying the fresh air, beautiful sunset and get a killer workout that finally shows me the results I've been waiting for!


Kanade L., Honolulu

"I love my post-second child body and mind..."

It's been 6 months since I joined HI LIFE ATHLETICS when I was 6 weeks postpartum. I still remember how I felt like a flipped roly-poly in my first class, trying to do one sit-up. But now I can happily say that I love my post-second child body and mind more than my pre-baby self!

Marc knows and cares everyone's ability and conditions, and pushes us through the limit in a perfect way. Great community with fun and sweaty classes with wonderful surroundings of sunset, palm trees, and ocean breezes… I couldn’t ask for a better way to get fit!


Zack A., Honolulu

"I wanted someone to help me be accountable..."

A couple years ago I was talking to a friend and telling him that I wish I could workout with a trainer in the park and not have to go to a gym. I wanted someone to help me be accountable because it’s so easy for me to say “I’ll just go tomorrow.” That’s when he suggested HI LIFE ATHLETICS. Within a day I was in contact with Marc and working out the following week. Talk about one of the best things ever!

As someone who is constantly on the go, doesn’t always have the best diet and has every excuse in the book not to work out, Marc is flexible with my schedule, has helped me improve my eating habits and helps me stay accountable to suit up and show up…..even when I don’t want to. His enthusiasm, motivation and genuine interest in helping me attain the best me I can be, is what keeps me coming back! I’ve always wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and get in the best shape. Thanks to Marc, this has become a reality!


Idilia S., Honolulu

"Amazing energy and closer to nature..."

I was already bored to take classes in gyms and stay the whole day indoors. I've found HI LIFE ATHLETICS on Instagram, Marc invited me to take an experimental class and I found exactly what I was looking for: An outdoor gym with a beautiful view, amazing energy and closer to the nature. No gym in the world you can workout while you watch surf and sunset.

And to complete, Marc is a fitness professional, with a lot of experience and passion for what he does. He follows all the growth of the students, in order to help us achieving our goals. If you are looking for an effective fitness program with trained professionals, super fun classes and a affordable price, HI LIFE ATHLETICS will surprise you.


Tony K., Honolulu

"I'm in very good hands with HI LIFE..."

HI LIFE ATHLETICS has helped me develop and maintain a healthful lifestyle. I was apprehensive at first since I've never participated in a group fitness class but the classes are designed for every level. Since the programs emphasize core strength, cardio, and flexibility, I feel that the potential for injury is lower and the gains bring me true balanced fitness.

Marc helps me with dietary guidance and encouragement as I progress through tough plateaus. The expertise and personal attention Marc provides to the boot camps and yoga is truly amazing. I feel I'm in very good hands with HI LIFE ATHLETICS and I enjoy the outdoor gym and friendly people.


Adam W., Honolulu

"Hawaii outdoor lifestyle and spirit..."

I’ve been with HI life Athletics for 5 months and it totally encompasses the Hawaii outdoor lifestyle and spirit. For me there are 3 basic reason why I attend Marc's classes.

First: Marc's passion for living a healthy life and being in great shape comes through in every class. He lives the philosophy and pushes everyone at his classes to dig a little deeper and a few more reps in or hold that pose for a little longer. His dedication and professionalism with the classes and to his own fitness is amazing motivation.

Second: The workout/yoga session is always evolving and different. My worst trait at the gym doing the same exercise for each muscle group and getting into a good but same routine. With these classes you never know what muscle group or how you will be working it out that day. Also, (as a long time gym rat) I always dreaded leg day and doing core exercises. Rest assured at every class these muscles will be pushed and the results are amazing and the variety keeps the body guessing.

Third: The location is perfect. We are all lucky enough to live in Hawaii for many reasons, so after a stressful work day why not have a killer workout in the park and watch a sunset through the sweat. Every class you can see a few people walk by and they have the look of “I should be doing that” and reminds how great it is to be exercising in the amazing weather and scenery.


Treena Y., Honolulu

"Can't imagine a week without HI LIFE classes..."

The HI LIFE ATHLETICS ohana is just that, "family". Marc has created an environment where everyone is welcomed and encouraged to be their best self. He focuses on the individual, make accommodations when needed and provide nutritional and moral support to help everyone reach their goals. The beautiful backdrop of Hawaii and fresh air provides extra encouragement for the soul. Every workout is different and everyone is free to work at their own pace.

I am 45 years old and have exercised for most of my life. I've tried every fad workout and never really stuck to one. Marc pushed my body to its limits and I am stronger now than I was ever was in my 20s or 30s. He helped to change the way I looked at my body and what I put in it. I cannot imagine a week without one of his classes. Thank you for changing my life!

Lorna C., Honolulu

"I am physically, emotionally, and mentally stronger..."

Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed that I could do this—especially outside—where there are so many people passing by, staring (at least I thought so). Got over that fear immediately. There is nothing better than being near the ocean and breathing fresh air. Some of us need a lot more care, understanding and patience. Marc provides that and more - encouragement, kindness and believe it or not, even compliments: "You're doing great", "Beautiful form", "You got this", "One more", "Shoulders back, strong core, tension in your arm, flex your foot, neck straight..."

No matter how many times he has to repeat it, no matter that I say, "yeah right, you're just buttering me up" when he compliments me, no matter how often I feel like not showing up because I think I'm too busy, no matter how much it hurts while doing the reps and for days after, Marc is the perfect trainer to do this with. He knows his stuff. He knows how far he can push me (and he's not afraid to push). He is awesome!

I met Marc in January 2016 after my doctor offered to prescribe medication for high blood pressure, borderline diabetes, high cholesterol. I asked her to give me three months to see if I could change my numbers. It's been eight weeks, and I've lost ten pounds, 1-1/2- 2 inches everywhere, but most importantly, I am physically, emotionally, and mentally stronger. I follow his nutrition guide for clean eating. I have more energy, am more focused, and what I needed the most — sleep better than ever. This has all been worth it — besides my kids, the best investment I've made for myself.

Thank you Marc for believing in me and not letting me forget that I matter!


Melinda D., Honolulu

"My perspective on fitness, health, and life has changed..."

I have known Marc now for several years and have been taking his Bootcamp classes off and on in that time period. Off and on because of traveling and inconsistencies on my part. However when I am on the island, HI LIFE is my absolute preferred method of fitness. Marc is an exceptional trainer and person. He is very consistent and that is important for someone like myself who lacks that type of motivation in general. He also generally cares about everyone and shows that with the interaction and devotion that he gives his clients. He has a training style which gives us strong technique, form, confidence and motivation to be better. I love the outdoor gym aspect; fresh air, beautiful scenery and great people. Being a HI LIFE member has changed my perspective on fitness, health and life in general and I feel truly blessed to be a part of the HI LIFE family.


Lea A., Honolulu

"The best workout of my life..."

I found HI LIFE ATHLETICS on-line, and from the moment I started to this very day it has been the best workout of my life.

Not only do we get to workout by the ocean, but people who come want to make a change and it is very motivating. Thank you, Marc, for this amazing community you have created!


Terrell B., Honolulu

"Great place to make new friends..."

HI LIFE ATHLETICS has changed my life. I went quickly from 220 lbs to 200 lbs and feel good in my skin again. Prices are fantastic and the trainers are amazing. Marc has became very supportive on my journey and had pushed me to limits I never thought my body could go.

This is a great place to make new friends and ohana. I would recommend this group to anybody looking for a group class, fun way to workout, and get their body in shape. Plus, who wouldn't want to workout in the beautiful sun right near the beach!


Maile O., Honolulu

"Three-year Member of HI LIFE..."

The past three years have been amazing with our small group, twice weekly classes. We love our special outdoor piece of paradise gym. The best part of working out with our "seasoned athletes" is that Marc knows how to keep us challenged and progressing. Each of us come with different health issues and he always finds a way to help us modify and feel successful! We are all stronger and happier after each workout, and definitely more fit and flexible since we started!

I personally want to thank Marc for helping me keep in shape when our canoe paddling regatta season is off. As each new season starts, I always feel ready for the workouts because of the variety of challenges he offered throughout the year.

I was also able to go right back to working out after having rotator cuff surgery. I never missed a beat because Marc made sure to adapt and change expectations so I had time to recover properly and not re-injure myself. What a celebration it was to see how my body could heal and get back to those push-ups and burpees!


Richard W., Honolulu

"No desire to go to a dreary gym indoors..."

I’m a big fan of exercising outdoors in beach parks, and therefore of Hi Life Athletics. The classes are convenient, at Ala Moana and Queens Surf Beach parks. You can watch swimmers, surfers, sail boats, cruise ships, whales (!), and countless magnificent sunsets – it’s a happy, fun environment. You feel the warm sun, watch the wind blow the trees and clouds, all while surrounded by others enjoying the beach, such as picnicking, partying, also working out, and taking wedding pictures. You’re in a group of people who also want to have fun while working out, often socializing before and after class. All these factors have made a world of difference to me, and why I have no desire to go to a boring and dreary gym indoors.

So if there are other outdoor bootcamps, why Marc? He is an awesome trainer – borderline fanatical about fitness, and his enthusiasm shows. He is funny and have fun leading class, so you will laugh and have fun too. He has classes every day of the week, at convenient times, so even when work gets busy, there is no excuse for not finding classes every week you can make to keep fit. A little rain doesn't even stop class! He alternates bootcamp days with yoga so you don’t get bored, build complementary skills, and not overdo either. Even when he cannot lead the class, he arranges for good substitutes. Over the years, he has constantly kept the work outs changing, another reason why it never gets boring. He has regular “bring a friend for free” work outs, special rates for newbies, and super reasonable long term rates.

Marc values form over speed, which meshes well with my own vision of fitness. Marc always makes it a point to offer modifications for people new to fitness, who are older, injured, recovering from surgery, or dealing with chronic conditions like arthritis. The priority is on participating in whatever way works for you, with proper form to avoid aggravation or injury. I like that. Another interesting class he offers is his new "Ripped 24" 6-week series, which include exercise, dietary recommendations, and before and after measurements to chart progress.

Lastly, HI LIFE is big on staying close to clients via regular communication thru social media – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Pictures of people in class are sent out the same day. Clients can ask questions in comments and get answers quickly. Inspirational messages and pictures, upcoming events, specials, and even a joke or two will pop up every week. Even when Marc is on vacation, the messages, jokes, and pictures kept coming – and I appreciate this sort of continuity. Try HI LIFE ATHLETICS - you will like it.


Tina A., Honolulu

"Getting back into shape after surgery..."

I have been going to HI LIFE ATHLETICS classes for over a year. I signed up for classes at first to get back into shape following a surgery. I have continued with the program as the classes at HI LIFE ATHLETICS are fun and yet very challenging. I am participating in their new program Ripped 24, in which the camaraderie has brought inspiration and motivation for me to meet my personal goals. I plan to continue being a Spartan!