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HI LIFE ATHLETICS has become Hawaii’s leader in outdoor group fitness. It was established in 2012 by Marc Zimmermann to promote a welcoming community and positivity, while taking fullest advantage of Hawaii’s beautiful landscapes.

In 2016 the company expanded to California and started a new fitness community in the Los Angeles area (Marina Del Rey).

Hi Life Athletics Community

Outdoor Fitness Experience

Crashing waves, the salty air, sailboats, and sunsets… sounds like a vacation. So why would you ever again want to set foot in a smelly gym with recycled air and face a wall or dog-eared motivational poster? HI LIFE ATHLETICS members praise our outdoor group classes as highly energizing, empowering, and rewarding – many call it the best part of their day. Pure clean air from ocean breezes, vitamin D from the sun, and quality time in nature have all been scientifically proven to stimulate happiness and a feeling of overall wellbeing.

Welcoming Community

HI LIFE ATHLETICS has always been open to all Hawaii or Los Angeles visitors who just want to drop in for a session or two. But over the years, a wonderful community of healthy spirited people has naturally evolved. Our community is easy to fit into. HI LIFE ATHLETICS members are 19-70 years old at all fitness levels. We share a positive and mutually supporting attitude, while still leaving enough personal space.

More Affordable Fitness

By moving away from the traditional gym and machines and eliminating the otherwise costly overhead, HI LIFE ATHLETICS offers the most cost-effective professional fitness program in Hawaii as well as in Los Angeles.

Together Beyond Fitness

Besides regular yoga and fitness classes, members meet every month to socialize at a beach café, on group hikes, or as volunteers at beach cleanups.


HI LIFE ATHLETICS was voted twice the best outdoor fitness program and won Best of Honolulu 2015 and 2016 Awards.

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