Jess Abner


Jess, originally from Orlando, Fl, Moved out to Hawaii in 2007 where her lifes journey took a turn in the direction of health and fitness. Jessica became a personal trainer, group fitness and yoga instructor and began to share and motivate her community with wellness. In her free time, participating in triathlons and endurance sports and found that she really enjoyed the deep meditative aspects of long distance training and the strength and overall feelings of capability within her body and mind. Over the years she has tried many types of training modalities including endurance running, functional fitness, Crossfit, body weight training, yoga and other practices encouraging the body's mobility. Jess continues to share healthy lifestyle, fitness and wellness to the community through her classes and leading by example.

Sean Koegel


Sean has spent all of his life pursuing an active and health conscious lifestyle. Whether participating in athletic competition (cross-country, wrestling, baseball, outrigger canoe paddling, triathlons and marathons) or simply enjoying life (hiking, surfing, skiing, yoga and meditation), Sean strives to engage his mind, body and spirit for the purpose of inner peace and positive growth.
Always a lover of the outdoors, Sean focuses on training in the natural environment. Sean understands how fresh air and natural light can add to a healthy fitness regimen. Whether training in -0 degrees or in the tropical climate of paradise, the benefits of training outside far surpass those achieved in confined spaces. Sean says, ‘Get outside, play, get fit and de-stress!’.
As a fitness instructor and educator, with a Masters in Education, Sean has worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life. He is motivated and inspired by watching others achieve their goals. He believes that with commitment and a positive attitude that anyone can establish new habits of thought and action and subsequently achieve higher levels of greatness in their lives.

Angie Kaufman


Angie began practicing yoga when she moved to Austin Texas in 2001 to pursue her bachelors degree in Ecology and Evolution. There she discovered yoga as a necessary practice to bring balance, relieve stress, and keep her mind and body healthy. Throughout her practice she was able to study various styles of yoga including, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Yin, and meditation. After 13 years of practice she completed her 200 RYT with Sara Zimmerman of Kova Yoga in Honolulu, HI. Angie's focus when teaching yoga is to help bring a healthy balance to everyone's life physically and mentally. Her energizing Vinyasa class will heat the body, and release stress but still brings a sense of humor to keep classes light and playful. Her gentle Beginner/Yin class will slow everything down to repair the body, and quiet the mind to leave students relaxed and rejuvenated.
Outside of yoga Angie is an animal lover and conservation biologist. She part of an outstanding team within NOAA who focus on the research and recovery of one of the most endangered marine mammals in the world, the Hawaiian monk seal.

Jaz Ferguson


Jaz, originally from San Luis Obispo, California has always been passionate about outdoor activities which lead to her education in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism with an emphasis in event management. For over two years, Jaz planned events for the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park. During that time, she felt lost in the world of corporate business, so she decided to move to Hawaii to pursue her true passions.
For Jaz, yoga was always a challenge, but when she moved to Hawaii, she began to practice regularly and I discovered how amazing she felt and how much improvement she could see in her practice. Jaz was inspired to continue her ventures into the yoga and health world and decided to take Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training in 2015 which led to her completion of the 200-hour yoga teacher training with Peter Sterios and the LevitYoga School of Yoga in Nicaragua. Jaz absolutely loves teaching yoga, and is thrilled to share what she loves about yoga with the world.

Courtney Chai


Courtney joined the HI LIFE ATHLETICS Ohana in 2014, and she never imagined having the honor of being a HI LIFE ATHLETICS instructor! A certified personal trainer, TRX Level 2 and yoga instructor, Courtney loves being active and promoting a healthy lifestyle. She hopes to instill in her clients the belief that “FIT IS NOT A DESTINATION, ITS A WAY OF LIFE!”
Born and raised in Hawaii, Courtney enjoys taking full advantage of the outdoor gym and living the "Hawaiian Style". When she’s not teaching classes, Courtney works full time at the University of Hawaii and also coaches club volleyball. On her free time, Courtney enjoys playing indoor and beach volleyball, training for the marathon, doing yoga, and hanging out with friends and family.

Erin Katayama


Erin’s active lifestyle kicked off at the ripe age of 2. Yes, you read that right - 2! Throughout her childhood she played soccer, volleyball, track, and after competing in junior national tournaments, moved onto collegiate tennis.
After years of nurturing her competitive spirit, Erin now enjoys “actively relaxing” while hiking, surfing, or practicing yoga. Being born and raised in paradise, Erin loves taking advantage of training outdoors. She believes that fresh air and a little bit of sunshine should be a prescribed medicine.
Erin uses her athletic training to support others in group fitness and yoga. She is constantly inspired by the many individuals who are motivated to reap the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. Her motto is “work hard, play harder!”

Rachel Bush


Rachel has been a member of HI LIFE ATHLETICS since moving to Honolulu in 2014. She was certified as a yoga instructor through Kova Yoga in 2015 and began teaching the Friday morning Kova Yoga class at the Modern Hotel before taking the Sunday yoga class. When she's not teaching yoga, Rachel travels as a flight attendant in the US Air Force and is a Certified Executive Chef.